1 August 2018

5 Tips for a winning rental application!

Source: Living Melbourne Property

It is likely you have turned up to an inspection and there are fifty other potential applications competing for the prize!

So how do you get your application to the top of the pile?

Here are our 5 top tips to present a winning application!


1. Ensure you have all of the required identification and correct information requested:

It takes time for an agent to go through each application individually (especially when there is a pile of fifty for one property!) If there are applications partially completed with missing documents this is not a good start and will most likely see your application put to the side. 

It doesn't hurt to be over prepared so if you have the time it is also great to have specific reference letters written from your employer or previous agent in addition to the details requested on the application forms. 


2. Get your housemates organsied

Unless you are a child, every adult must complete an application form for the property. There is no point handing in your application when your housemates haven't completed theirs. It then makes it difficult for the agent to work out which application's go together and also by the time your housemate gets into gear the property may have already been leased! So, get together and ensure you have everyone's applications fully completed and ready to hand in as one. 


3. Be prepared and hand the application in on time

While the agent has most likely received a number of applications at the inspection they are not going to wait until you gather all your information and hand your documents in the following week. 

Be prepared, compile all of your documents together and take them with you to the inspection. Introducing yourself to the agent and handing the forms over in person will enable the agent to put a face to the forms! Sometimes it can be difficult to remember who's application belongs to who when the agent is receiving so many! Make sure you are well presented and leaving a good impression with the agent!


4. Arrive on time

Although being on time is common courtesy, the inspections generally only run for 15-20 minutes so there isn't a lot of time to be running late! It can also be quite stressful for the agent who has a number of inspections pre and post your inspection. It is best to be ready and waiting for the agent to arrive. 


5. Write a cover letter

Sometimes there is additional information you need to convey to the agent however there is no room on the application form or you just don't know how best to explain. A cover letter allows you to run through a 'brief' overview of each tenant and your intentions. If you want a longer term lease or you have a housemate moving in at a later date, you might want to offer rent up front or an increased amount. A cover letter is a a great way to introduce your application as a whole!


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